The ABCs of God,A to B

I believe in taking things back to the basics and nothing is more basic of a foundation as the alphabet.I want to tackle A through Z in this series.

In order to live the life God intended for us there are a few things as Christians we must know,things which will work for us or against us and as well as things we must do along the way.

A is for Abundance:

John10v10 Jesus spoke about coming to give us life but not just any kind of life but one of abanduance;fullness to overflowing.This would then mean that if there is any portion of your life missing something,to use my best grammar “it ain’t full” as a child of God then, there is need to be in persistent pursuit of a fulfilled life because anything less than is living beneath your privilege(n) a special right,advantage granted and available to a particular person.

Last I read Gal 3v13-14
Paul mentioned that Christ redeemed us from the curse of the law,that the blessing of Abraham may come upon the gentiles.
And I know how Abraham was blessed by the words spoken by his servant to rabekah in Gn 24v35

and The Lord had blessed my master;he has become a wealthy man


and The Lord had blessed him (Abraham ) in every way

emphasis on everyway.

The picture I have of Abraham isn’t one of a sick,tormented,worrysome,broke individual,oh no! even the very thing he lacked, God delivered in the end and that was Issac.

What are you Lacking? If we are to really examine our lives as Christians can we then say truly that we are living a full life overflowing as Christ intended it to be?
Can we say we are in a state of nothing missing nothing lacking nothing broken?A state of wholeness which I like to call “healed

So the first thing we must know is that we are redeemed by Christ and by that we were,we are bought back by the blood covenant of the cross abundance is ours by right.
Whether we accept and utilise this right is left to us.

B Is for Bondage

As the Spirit would reveal it,this is simply anything that keeps you from living the life God promised you.

Bondage serves to keep you in captivity in an involuntary servitude,a form of slavery if you will,keeping you in a state of being bound by or subject to being under the control/power of a thing.

Notice in the bible when bondage is mentioned it serves to oppose liberty.

For ye have not received the spirit of bondage again to fear; but ye have received the Spirit of adoption, whereby we cry, Abba, Father Rom 8 v 15

As far as opposition goes the direct opposite to this spirit of bondage is the spirit of adoption which by the word above we have recieved.

So for a true revelation you have got to know what manner of a father adopted you.You got to know what your daddy in Christ brings to the table.Apart from salvation does he bring deliverance?does he bring peace?does he bring provisions of wealth,counsel?guidance? Your daily bread? Wisdom to handle that difficult situation. Does he? or does he?

Because the creature itself also shall be delivered from the bondage of corruption into the glorious liberty of the children of God.Rom 8 v 21

Being in bondage means you are subject to an evil,negative force,situation or circumstance,but be as that may the good news is by virtue of the Holy Spirit which dwells in you,you have within you the very power to overcome ;

Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world.1 john 4 v 4

Kingdom living suggest to me that we are subjects to one king our Sovereign God,therefore if we are in bondage of any form we aren’t living kingdom life,for we are subject to two masters and that doesnot compute.Thing is,God is omnipotent;all powerful and has already redeemed us by Christ Jesus.

So if we still being oppressed by the spirit of bondagewe need to know the power of our father and the opposite spirit he provides to overcome evil demonic oppression.

Questions comes then can Christians be oppressed? Can they are be in bondage? Well absolutely yes.
If we see the state of the church today and in Christians lives we see the need of deliverance from a number of things, yokes need breaking from lack of peace,lack of finances,lack of physical and mental health,lack of power (ie the ability to get the will of God done in their lives),lack of knowledge,lack of vision,deliverance needed from religion which brings forth self righteous Christians,

I suppose the biggest problem most of us have is we stopped at the cross,we don’t go beyond that,hence we live beneath our privilege and have become comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Are we still in bondage or are we in a state I like to call “delivered