E is for Expectations 

Whether it’s hoping that a child does well in school,a promotion at work for our hard work,the train to pull in on time,traffic to be good,rainfall or snow or whether that he will pick his socks up off the floor…….what ever it maybe we all  have them……Expectations.

As most things go expections can be bad or good.

There is  always a way to have your expectations met positively as long as you follow the method father God provided.

I have found that following these steps am about to share with you,one can have all thier expections/needs met.And I am yet to be disappointed.

Bear one thing in mind though,these are Godly principles that are/should be consistent with a Godly way of living ie does God/would God approve?

1-Recognise your source 

 My soul, wait thou only upon God;

for my expectation is from him. Ps 62 v 5

There is need to recognise where your expectations come from.This then cuts both ways.Be in check to see who gives you the idea,the thought,the desire,the hope of the expection and on the other recognise who is it that will provide the means and method for that expectation to come to pass.

I say this because for a long time I confunsed the channel that God used to provide things through to me as my source.Allow me to explain,say when one needs to pay some bills or wish to purchase something,one needs money that is the medium of exchange in the world system.One then tends to look at his Job,business,loan,mum,dad,wife,husband etc etc as a source of the money needed to fulfill said need.

The trouble with this thought process is that if that “source” dries up one is left helpless and hopeless.Jobs end,businesses close down,relationships breakdown and loans are denied.

However if you know God as your source the Jehovah jireh who provides then you know he never dries up and never closes for business.He will provide through different channels and can use anything or anyone to meet your expectation.

When one knows this truth that God is my source then one never panicks neither do they lose hope when a job ends or a loan is denied or when it looks like things won’t end up well.One knows that if God is my source then am going to be alright.

Important to know the difference between the source and a channel,in case it’s not clear yet; God is the source. The job,the business,the people that help out are mere channels.

In oil production there is a well somewhere(source)and they build a pipeline(channel) to get the oil from P to Q.Similary there is gas underground but in winter to heat up our homes pipelines are built to deliver the gas for heating safely into our homes,the pipes are just a delivery system the gas reserves are elsewhere.When and if the pipeline breaks down other arrangements can be made to deliver the gas to you,if however the gas reserves (source) is depleted then you are in trouble.

2-Test/Measure your Expection

The hope of the righteous shall be gladness:

but the expectation of the wicked shall perish.Prov 10 v 28 

Wickedness can simply be defined as knowing what the right thing to do in a any given situation is, and you then choosing to do the opposite.

Granted at times we may want wrong things with a right motive or ask for wrong things in ignorance,but God never blesses dis function.

This step is vital because we need to test our expactions.Its amazing the things we hope for; we need that apartment and are just hoping the occupant gets evicted,we need that man so are we praying the wife dies so we can get with him.Little things that normally would go unchecked,victimless crimes if you will which we justify by saying “am not hurting anybody after all”.

To cut it short,test your expection,what does God’s word say about it?Does he approve?An easier question would be;

Is my expection consistent with a godly way of living? 

3-Gain confidence of entitlement of your expectation 

A sense of entitlement that something belongs to you and the confidence of it are two entirely different matters.You have to be sure what you want is yours and was promised to you by God.

You do this by finding the scripture that whatever it is you seek is covered in.An illustration,when I got tired of living a defeated life I knew there had to a better life than the one I had.Because of what I was taught in church before and what I heard others preach,I went on about in my life with worry,anxiety,sickness,living in lack basically and I just this is life,what you gonna do?

It wasn’t until I got into the word and the Holy Spirit revealed what dominion and inheritance is due to me through Jesus Christ our Lord. 

Promises of God are alive and effective today just as they were in the old,but you have to know they are meant for you personally otherwise the enemy will snatch that knowledge from you if you let him.Then you will suffer for people do suffer for the lack of knowledge.

The word is alive today,find it as it applies to your expection and then own the word.

4-Hope for your expection

 Now faith is the substance of things hoped for .………….Heb 11 v 1

Why is hope then so important.Easy without hope your faith has nothing to connect to,and nothing works or comes to manifestation without faith.

Without faith it is impossible to please God,without faith the game is over,the just shall live by faith it’s a lifestyle,we walk by faith not by the senses/sight/sounds/feelings(circumstances, what it looks like it will be).

We must have hope and maintain this hope for it also shows confidence in the God in whom we hold such hope for.He who comes to God must come so with the knowledge that he (God)is just and a rewarder to those that seek him.

Paul wrote in Romans 8 v 24-25 that

For we are saved by hope: but hope that is seen is not hope: for what a man seeth, why doth he yet hope for? But if we hope for that we see not, then do we with patience wait for it.

I want to borrow from the latter part,we must be patient in holding on to our hope.We are creatures of time yes but we must remember the principles of time.And waiting is a part of it from sowing to harvest a element is involved.If your expection is a baby and you are a man then it begs reason that you must find a woman first then marry her then wait at least 9 months for baby to come.In the natural at least in Gods way.A time element is involved.Now that’s not to say God is limited by time,he works miracles but in most cases I have found from my point of asking and gaining my expectation to the point when it comes to fruition,waiting was involved not always but often enough.

The bible uses patience,long suffering,perseverance synonymously.Life is a journey, more like a marathon not a split,marathon runners patiently and succesfully pace themselves and wait for the opportune moment .

5-Stand for your expectation 

Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. Eph 6 v 11

This last step is where most of us drop the ball.I thought spiritual warfare was about fighting the devil and his demons till I learned it is for defense.

This is what I never understood,God through Jesus has already given me whatever,everything,all things that I will ever need in this life.The mandate of the enemy is to kill steal and destroy,what though?he is here to steal kill and destroy the finished works of Jesus in our lives.That means health,peace,joy,love,…………….

Notice the verse says STAND,not get up,so this would suggest to me that you are already in an upright position.All you are doing is maintaing your rightful given position.

But  STAND in the way it’s taught

  • The helmet of salvation;for you are saved by grace not works (nothing you did,save accept Jesus Christ )
  • Breastplate of righteousness;vest that protects your heart,emotions when u are facing opposition as you STAND
  • Shield of faith to cover you when the enemy throws those darts of doubt,unbelief,hopelessness 
  • Sword of the spirit ;the word of God read your bible meditate on his word 
  • Guirt up your loins with truth;Jesus the way the truth the life,bring Jesus with you.
  • Gospel of peace on your feet;not this ministry of death and condemnation,hellfire and brimstone but of the good news gospel of love and grace and the kingdom.  

Having done all and guarded your expectation believe God and watch it manifest.


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