About Us

We believe in one God: God the father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.

We are a healing and deliverance ministry with a different touch. Every need in a Christian’s life can be fixed by  the power of the blood of Jesus in healing and deliverance.

Healing is  wholeness, nothing missing, lacking or broken in your life,  “I am the LORD that healeth thee”, ” himself bore our sickness and infirmities by his stripes we were healed”, “his word if medicine and healing to our flesh”, “he has given us a spirit of sonship (adoption) of love and of a sound (sane and sober) mind”

Deliverance is all about breaking yokes of bondage. Setting free captives bound by evil forces by the power of Holy Spirit.

If we are to then live and successfully serve in the kingdom of God, we must then be healed (made whole)  in our bodies health, minds,jobs,businesses,ministries,education,family lives. We must be delivered (set free) by The Lord Jesus Christ and experience Liberty which is total freedom. 

There is a different  between being free and being free indeed ;john 8v36 “therefore if the son makes you free, you shall be free indeed”

If you experience fear, poverty, lack of; peace, selfworth, money, health, purpose .Anything that holds you back from living the life that God promises is Bondage.

And by Faith  in Jesus Christ this life can be had,and it too can be yours, the promise of Deliverence through prayer and fasting, as the inner man is strengthened the flesh weakened The Lord strips/ casts off and roots out evil forces from within us.

Our core beliefs in Christ are:-


the promise that Jehovah Nissi fights and wins all our battles on our behalf. It is the LORD strength and the power of his might that we rest and rely on.

As Christ promised in John 10 v 10  he came to give us life which is abuadant full to overflowing and having more than enough, not just getting by. By the work of the cross at cavalry he (Jesus) nailed to the cross all our sins, curses and sicknesses  as he defeated and triumphed over all powers, rulers and principalities col 2 v 15; “having disarmed principalities and powers and he made a public spectacle of them,triumphing over them in it”.

His blood redeemed us.

  This is the Peace Jehovah Shalom grants us,one that surpasses all understanding Phil 4v7

God also offers us the chance to exchange our thoughts for his thoughts by the renewing of our minds,as we present our bodies a living sacrifice (laying down your personal ambitions in favour of God’s direction for your life) so we can know his perfect will for our lives Rom 12v2 

If your life is under a curse you can never fully enjoy the blessings God has promised you. You may be born again filled with the Holy Spirit talking in tongues on your way to heaven and still live a limited challenged life.

Our lord Jesus Christ, through the power of Holy Spirit pull and destroy these evil forces at the root so you can be free indeed and gain total freedom which is liberty.  

Join us in these teachings of Succesful,Productive,Purposeful and Prosperous living as God intended it for his children, so they can serve him fruitfully and live victorious lives.